Queen Alexandra Ready Mix Concrete

Posted on: 01 Apr, 2024
Queen Alexandra Ready Mix Concrete

Do you want to learn how the construction procedure is done at Queen Alexandra? Well, all that can be said about the process is that it is going gelatos. Rapid home construction as well as infrastructure development can be seen in the vicinity of the Queen Alexandra neighborhood. The majority of construction things are driving this hyper-building process. But the most important of them all is the easy and ready availability of Ready Mix Concrete in Queen Alexandra. In this article, we will brief you a bit about Queen Alexandra, its demographic and utility as well as the utility of the Ready Mix concrete for building the town.

About Queen Alexandra

Queen Alexandra is a mixed neighborhood of residential as well as commercial settlements in the southwestern part of Edmonton City in the Alberta province of Canada. Queen Alexandra was a part of the Strathcona City. The city is named for Alexandra of Denmark. The north edge of the Queen Alexandra neighborhood is a popular commercial as well as cultural hub of Edmonton. It is in tandem with Whyte Avenue, a part of Old Strathcona.

Connectivity of Queen Alexandra

Queen Alexandra is bounded from all directions by multiple connective roads, like the following:

  • On the North by Whyte Avenue
  • On the West by 109 Street
  • On the East by 104 Street
  • On the South by 70 Avenue

One can also access the University of Alberta campus at a short distance to the west of the Queen Alexandra. One also has access to the downtown core on the north side along 109 Street as well as 104 Street. The Queen Alexandra community is represented by the QA Community League. The league was established in 1962 to maintain a community hall located between 104 Street and University Avenue.

Key Demographic of Queen Alexandra

The Edmonton City’s 2012 municipal census states that Queen Alexandra recorded a population of 4,694 residing in 3,275 dwellings. This was a 1.3% change from its 2009 population census of 4,632. Queen Alexandra has a land area of 1.23 km2 with a population density of 3,816.3 people / km2 in 2012.

Recent Residential Developments in Queen Alexandra

Although Queen Alexandra is regarded as an older Edmonton neighborhood, the residential development has been on ascending since the beginning of the city’s establishment, Strathcona. The 2001 federal census states that approximately one in seven residences were built before the Great World War.

Almost 20.8% of the residences were built between 1945 and 1960, whereas another 20% of residences were built during the 1960s. This data suggests some redevelopment in the Queen Alexandra. Later, every one in three residences was built during the 1970s, whereas 12.1% of residences were constructed after 1980.

Rise of Rented Accommodations in Queen Alexandra

The 2005 municipal census states that the most common type of residence in Queen Alexandra is rented apartments, as over half of all residences in Queen Alexandra are apartments. These are majorly low-rise buildings with less than five stories. Every one in ten apartments is in high-rise buildings with five or more stories, whereas every one in three residences is a single-family dwelling.

The rest seven percent are duplexes while the last 3% are collective residences. In Queen Alexandra, every four out of every five residences are rented whereas the rest of the residence is owner occupied.

Population Mobility of Queen Alexandra

The population of the Queen Alexandra neighborhood is highly mobile. The 2005 municipal census states that every resident in three had moved within the previous twelve months from their living spaces, whereas another three in ten dwellers had moved within the last one to three years. The only remaining residents are 26.6% in percentage and have been living at the same address for more than five years.

Ready Mix Content at Queen Alexandria

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