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Due to the large number of commercial and residential real estate projects going on in Edmonton and the government’s initiative towards infrastructure development, ready-mix concrete is a material that is greatly in demand in the Edmonton construction and real estate sector. Today an increasing number of real estate projects prefer ready-mixed concrete because of the quality, consistency, and ease with ready mixed concrete can be delivered.

Ready-mix concrete is increasingly used for commercial and residential projects by professional companies. This concrete is also witnessing steady growth in the retail sector because it is also used for domestic construction purposes. If ready mix concrete is required by the construction companies or real estate sector in Edmonton, then All Ready Mix will be their ideal partner serving them all construction solutions.  

What is Ready Mix Concrete?

Ready mix concrete is a type of concrete manufactured in a factory or batching plant according to a given set of instructions of the contractor and then delivered to the work site through a truck mounted with transit mixers. It is delivered to the construction site in a freshly mixed plastic or unhardened state. Ready mix concrete is a mixture of cement, water, and aggregates comprising sand and gravel or crushed stone that are mixed according to the required standard specifications. Earlier in construction sites, all these materials were procured separately and mixed in a specific proportion at the worksite to prepare concrete. The ready-mix concrete is manufactured under controlled operations and transported at worksites with the help of sophisticated equipment.

Types of Ready Mixed Concrete

Three types of ready-mix concrete are available in Edmonton which basically varies on the mixing of the various ingredients.    

Transit-mixed concrete

In this type of ready-mix concrete all the basic ingredients along with water are directly charged into the truck mixer drum. During the loading of all the materials, the mixer drum is rotated fast at charging speed, and then later on it is rotated at a normal agitating speed. Three variations are possible in this type of ready-mix concrete that includes concrete mixed at the job site, concrete mixed in transit, and concrete mixed in the yard.  

Shrink mixed concrete

This type of ready-mix concrete is prepared by partially mixing the concrete in the plant mixer and the remaining mixing is done in the truck mixer drum during the transit time. The mixing amount in transit depends upon the amount of mixing done in the plant mixer. Tests are conducted to determine the mixing extent in the drum mixer.

Central mixed concrete

This type of ready mix concrete is prepared in the central batching plant where the concrete is thoroughly mixed before transferring them into a truck mixer. The plant may sometime be referred to as a pre-mix plant or wet batch. The truck mixer serves only as an agitator while transporting the concrete and when the workability requirement is low, non-agitating units may also be used.

Differences between Ready-Mix and Site-Mixed Concrete

  • Ready-mix concrete is manufactured in a factory or plant and is delivered ready-to-use to the construction site in an unhardened and plastic state whereas site-mixed concrete is volumetric concrete that is mixed in specific ratios at the work site to obtain the concrete of the desired strength.
  • Ready-mix concrete is ideally suited for large projects where a high volume of concrete is required whereas site-mixed concrete is recommended for smaller projects and renovations where a small volume of concrete is required.
  • To manufacture site-mix concrete, a weight batch mixer is required whereas ready-mix concrete does not require any equipment at the construction site.
  • Ready-mix concrete is delivered ready-to-use and takes less time whereas site-mixed concrete involves several processes resulting in a slower procedure.

What are the benefits of Using Ready Mix Concrete?

Ready mix is a building material that is incredibly popular in Edmonton, as it is the best choice for construction projects. Some of the benefits of ready-mix concrete include:

  • Ready-mix concrete is preferred because it is manufactured in a factory environment and is superior in quality and has less fluctuation between batches.
  • Ready mix concrete saves time and also prevents the hassle of gathering all raw materials on the work site.
  • This concrete is a versatile building material and is easy to handle.
  • This concrete is delivered in a ready-mix concrete truck and can be easily moved in bulk amounts at once.
  • The concrete is made exactly as per the client’s requirements so precise measurements are used and hence there is little wastage of materials.
  • No storage cost is associated with the ready-mixed concrete because this concrete does not require being stored on the work site.
  • Sourcing the ingredients of ready-mixed concrete has a lesser impact on the environment and the surplus materials can be easily reused or recycled.
  • Ready-mixed concrete has better resilience, strength, and durability and hence the building constructed from it remains in good condition for years.

Our Service Area

We, at All Ready Mix, are known for providing the best quality and highest standard of ready-mixed concrete in West and South Edmonton areas like Sturgeon County, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, and Edmonton. No matter, whether a client is involved in a big or small construction project, we have the skills and knowledge to provide small yardage concrete delivery and help the client successfully complete the project. We mix the concrete using our truck on the work site as per clients’ specifications to prevent concrete from being wasted.

How to check Ready Mix Concrete Quality?

The construction project is important and hence it is essential to use high-quality materials. If ready-mix concrete is used in construction projects, then various types of tests should be performed to check its quality. It is the responsibility of the construction company to ensure that the ready-mix concrete used in the worksite fulfills all the legal requirements and a few tests should also be conducted to ensure the quality. Some of the tests that can be performed for quality checks include:

The Slump Test

This test is conducted to check the durability, consistency, and reliability of the ready-mix concrete. The consistency of the concrete decides the workability of the material. The wetter concrete is better than a drier concrete mixer.

The Comprehensive Strength Test

This test is conducted to check the comprehensive strength of the ready-mix concrete and is conducted in an off-site laboratory.

The Compression Test

It is used to test the concrete ability to resist loads.

Water Permeability Test

This test is conducted to evaluate various concrete elements.

Penetration Test

This test is performed by experienced scientists to check the durability and reality of ready-mix concrete. It also determines the durability and workability of the ready-mix concrete and whether it is suitable for the project or not.  

Why choose All Ready Mix for Fast concrete delivery in Edmonton?

All Ready Mix is a reliable and trusted name in Edmonton offering the full scope of ready-mix concrete required for large high-rises to small residential projects. Our ready-mix concrete is environment-friendly as well as sustainable and has made us a pioneer in the concrete industry for many years. With our supreme quality concrete mix, we have built strong and lasting relationships with our commercial and residential clients. Some of the reasons to choose us for the immediate delivery of concrete mix in Edmonton include:

  • Render the best product for every project
  • Our concrete meets all required specifications
  • Supplied concrete for major infrastructure projects in Edmonton
  • Have up-to-date equipment to ensure timely delivery of the product
  • With extensive knowledge and years of experience, concrete supplied by us is highly trusted   
  • Make use of high-quality mix designs and admixtures
  • Fast delivery of ready-mix in Edmonton
  • Delivering ready mix in South and West Edmonton

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