Sturgeon County is a famed municipal district in the Edmonton Region. This region is a Metropolitan Area of the Alberta province of Canada. Sturgeon County is situated in the north of Edmonton and to the west of the North Saskatchewan River. One can find Sturgeon County in Division No. 11. The county is named after the Sturgeon River in the region.

Settlements in Sturgeon County

The story began in 1876 when the British Crown became entitled to the said land, later becoming Sturgeon County by signing Treaty 6 with the First Nations. The settlements began in the area in 1879, with the first settlers being francophone families. The City Council incorporated the Municipal District for Sturgeon River at No. 90 originally on January 1, 1955. It became the County of Sturgeon at No. 15 in 1961, only to be reverted to the MD of Sturgeon No. 90 in 1965. The current name of the County was adopted as Sturgeon County on April 23, 1997.

People Count & Inhabitants in Sprawling Sturgeon County

The Census of Population of 2021 conducted by Statistics Canada states that Sturgeon County has been populating close to 20,061 people, living in the majority of its total private dwellings. This has been a recorded change of -2.1% from the county’s 2016 populace of 20,495. The land area of 804.73 square miles people with a population density of 24.9 per square mile in 2021. The Sturgeon County population as per the 2020 municipal census is 20,506, which is a recorded 7% change from its 2008 municipal census.

Economy Management of the Sturgeon County

The Economic Development Department of the Sturgeon County promotes business in the district. It recognizes the benefits that new businesses in the region, and therefore, helps newer businesses navigate their programs and processes. The department also provides consultation services as well as hands-on solutions to assist local businesses at multiple stages of development.

About Ready Mix Concrete

With the rapid urban settlement sprawling around Surgeon County, one can assume the demand for building materials for construction purposes. The building material which always stays in demand is Concrete.

Concrete is a composite material made from various aggregates. It also takes time to arrange for and mix the concrete. Since concrete is the forever demand for any construction, and it also takes forever to prepare concrete in bulk, the need for the ready mix concrete has gone up. Ready Mix Concrete is fresh concrete in a viscous state ready to be delivered to any construction site.

Ready-mix concrete is used for building newer settlements. RMCs offer several advantages in terms of improving the efficiency, quality, and procedures of construction. In the next section, you can see the benefits of utilizing Ready-Mix Concrete for developing newer settlements.

Why choose us for Sturgeon County Ready Mix?

Concrete Mixers produce Read -mix Concrete in controlled environments to make a consistent mix with precise proportions of the concrete aggregates, Portland cement, and water, resulting in a higher quality and durable RMC. Mixers then deliver the Ready Mix Concrete on the construction site in a pre-mixed state, eliminating the need for on-site concrete mixing. Such processes save a significant time in the construction process. These RMCs become crucial in building newer settlements where rapid development is a priority.

We know that the cost of ready mix concrete is slightly higher than on-site mixing. But one must look at the overall cost savings by opting for RMCs, which can be significant, and result in the following fiats:

  • Reduced Labor costs
  • Faster Construction
  • More economic usage of resources

With time, Contractors in Sturgeon County use Ready mix Concrete offers a range of benefits. RMCs can enhance the efficiency, quality, and sustainability of large structures with newer settlements.

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